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Clear Coat Help


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I couldn't find any tutorials about clear coating. I got some info on the polishing stage and I have stewmac's 4 grades of polishing compound and 4 buffing pads. But before I get there, I need to finish coating.

So far I have about 4 coats of clear spray (Aerosol can) I go at Home Depot. I imagine that it is a polyurethane. Now I have been told that this is a bad way to finish. Is there a successful way that I can finish this in poly?

Can I swith to Nitro now??? Where can I find Nitro clear coats other than stewmac? (it's kinda pricey there)

Also is there a place that sells transparent color in a spray can? I purchased a guitar kit from saga. They sealed the wood so I don't think I can stain the figured top anymore :D But I would at least like to transparent coat it.

Thanks for the Help -Seth

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the side of the can should tell you what type of finish it is, whether it be enamel, laquer, acrylic, polyurethane, or what-have-you. you really should find out exactly what you're spraying. this will keep help you avert disaster if you do recoat.

why can't you just buff it out now? four coats should be plenty of coverage if it's even. i've done a guitar and a bass with rattlecans, and everything has turned out swell so far. it just depends on the quality of paint you get. about the best i've found in a rattlecan is duplicolor.

if you spray laquer now, it will probably wrinkle the current finish. laquer solvents will eat through just about any finish. you might find yourself doing the whole thing over again if you mix types of paint like that. i'm not too well versed in nitrocellulose, but i know this is the case with automotive finishes.

it'll be hard to find tinted clears in a rattlecan. if there are any good ones, i have yet to find them.

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