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Advice and suggestions for designing my own Coronado.

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Hi everyone, just signed up today and looking to get some advice and ideas!

I am hoping to build my own version of a Fender Coronado (see attached pic). Unfortunately, the real deal (either the original full-hollowbody and reissue semi-hollowbody) are both way out of budget and extremely hard to come by in left handed.

In terms of building, I'd like to mill this with a CNC machine in maple. Two pieces in total - the top face, and a hollowed out single underpiece containing a centre body and two side cavities. Which leads me to my first question - does anyone happen to have any 3D CAD plans for this body shape, or would they even be willing to make one for me?

The second topic is about specific design features/equipment. If I am to make my own, I may as well explore options that aren't available on an original. One example is including on-board effects such as an octaver, or even some guitar-to-MIDI function which would be very useful for the styles of music I play. Do you have ideas or recommendations? I am open to all suggestions and have interested to hear what everyone has in mind!

As a final topic; it would be nice to retain the main aesthetic aspects of the guitar if possible (albeit not essential), but it is hard to obtain close lookalike hardware such as the original tailpiece. I am not a semi-hollowbody expert at all, so I am just not sure if it appropriate to use (for example) a stoptail tremolo bridge instead. Would that be ok? If anyone could advise on the essential and non-essential hardware of an original Coronado that would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



Screenshot from 2023-02-03 12-00-45.jpg

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Hallo and welcome to the forum!

I can't give you any advice about the CNC plans, the couple of semi-hollow guitars I've built were carved with a router.

For the hardware... The bridge in the picture features an odd looking tremolo. They seem to be available for about $350-400 as used. That said, they also seem to have used Bigsby B6 trems which are way more accessible. And if you don't want a trem, the trapeze used for Coronados looks very standard with a small block attached between the bars. There also seems to have several variations in the bridges, from solid to roller versions.

Don't know if this is of any use: https://free3d.com/3d-model/guitar-fender-wildwood-coronado-antigua-finish-2128.html


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Hey, thanks very much for sending on free3d link. I found that myself, but it seem as though its intended for a 3d printed scale model of the guitar. It's definitely a start though, I'm sure it could be tweaked accordingly.

RE the hardware, the more I look the more I notice the many variations in the hardware between models/years. It'd be nice to know the rationale for the changes if it's not just for asthetics. I'm very fond of mustangs, jazzmasters etc., so I'm hoping it's possible to just integrate the hardware from those models.

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The beauty of building from scratch is that you can take whatever you want without having to fill existing cavities and holes from original equipment.

The rationale? Could it have been as simple as using any surplus or demo batches that were available?

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