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Yepp. It might be tempting to test it but even if you could get your money back from PayPal in case you don't receive the goods you've ordered, they'd have your personal data: Name, address, phone, e-mail... 

When rechecking I found out this: In their Payment Methods they tell that they accept PayPal and CreDit cards, with a comment that some of the options may not be available depending on the area where I live. Well, I've had no issues using PayPal but for some reason that was not an option at checkout! Doesn't that mean that they're after your credit card information plus the aforementioned personal data.

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I once made a ~200 € impulse purchase from a shop I didn't know before. After making the payment I looked around the site and there were many indicators that got me alarmed. Part of the site content was clearly copied from somewhere else or it was mark up text from a web shop template. Just like on the site in question in this thread. I tried to contact the seller but didn't get any response. The contact form on the site didn't work and there was no response from the shady looking email address I found. Payment was done by Paypal so after a few days I opened a dispute. While it was in progress I received the goods in mail. The product was what I had ordered so I cacelled the dispute. It all ended well that time but I rather pay a few euros more from a reputable seller than experience that bad customer experience again.  

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