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Did I get a deal?

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I have been looking for an LP knockoff to refurbish - just because I didn't have one. I found one at a local shop for $25. It was a no brainer - everything there but tuners and the bridge, pups and stop piece were gold. So I figured it had $25 worth of parts, and the body will fix up pretty nicely. The surprise was when I pulled everything off, one of the pups had a $79 price tag on the bottom. They are called "Super 70s" and a couple of places I looked had them selling for $60 - $70. Anybody know anything more about them? I guess they are Ibanez.???

It's funny, I bought another POS from the same place that had a set of old Kluson tuners that were used on Teles in the late '60s.

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It's a plywood body with a maple cap. Actually the top and bottom don't look too bad. As far as pics, I forgot to take the before pics (as usual) and started stripping it. I'm thinking of doing in a deep/cherry red. I'll post some pics as I go along. I think I'm going to use the pups in a walnut body I made.


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