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Routing holes/installing pickups

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I have an EMG P-J set of pickups, and am using them in a body I am about to build. However, I can find no mention anywhere of how to install them. For one thing, how deep should the routed cavities be?

Also, the pickups I have were purchased used, and did not come with installation instructions or adjustment screws. Is there any place where I can buy new screws, or any screws I could buy from a hardware store?

What would be great is a step-by-step description of going from paper to router to installing the pickups. I couldn't find a tutorial on the site.


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Unfortunately, the instructions at EMG's website are for if you plan to use the pups as replacements on a currently routed body.

Also, this is my first bass EVER, and since the pickup doesn't come with mounting screws, I know just less than diddly squat. How does the mounting work that you can screw down a screw, and have the pickup follow it, instead of just sitting there in the bottom of the rout? Is there a spring pushing back? Also, is it a wood screw directly into the body, or a machine screw into a nut or insert of some kind? I'm talking SERIOUSLY back to basics here. Sorry to be so naive about this, but a 2nd grade level lesson here would really be a lot of help.

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