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amp half power switch


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Most half-power switches work by removing a pair of power tubes from the amp circuit. Since your Deville only has one pair of power tubes, that's not possible. You might try a pair of Yellow Jackets if you're looking for cranked tone at lower volumes. Check THD's Yellow Jacket page for more info. Also remember that tube amps have lethal voltages present even after they've been unplugged. Don't try any mods unless you know what you're doing.

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Thanks, actually Im just looking for a way for the amp to exist at lower volumes at all! Im not worried about cranked tubes. I have one of those horrible neighbors who has nothing better to do than screw up other people. She threatened to call the police when I played my twin reverb on 2.5, and remember, sound doesn't even come out until you get up to 2.

I want to be able to use the amp distortion at a lower volume, preferably without adjusting the guitar's volume knob. Could I wire something in between the amp and the speaker? Some sort of volume pot thing? Thanks!

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