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static noise from strumming


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I've never heard of or experienced this either and believe me, we have winter in Montreal, Canada. Maybe it doesn't get as dry here during the winter as it does elsewhere? But I would figure that a properly grounded guitar would constantly be discharging any static to ground before it has a chance to build up... unless you're using EMG's which don't require grounding the bridge. Is this the case?

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All Dear,

I know this is an odd problem, but I have checked the grounding and the shielding. And found this problem on three of seven guitars and consistent with any amp I have tried when it happens which is not consistent. The Techies at Tech21 NYC (where my amp is from) have mentioned they had heard of rare occurences where static electricity was the likely source, but offer no solution. Might not be one. My friend thinks it's me - Somehow I am electric. Hah-hah.

The only thing that I found made a difference was putting masking tape on my Strat's pickguard as a test so my pick and skin do not touch the pickguard. This worked. Go figure.

Thanks for reading the posting. Open to new ideas if anyone has any.


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