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Stripping Jig

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I am currently stripping the body on my first project guitar (see post "HM Strat Wiring" for details). I went with chemical striping because I didn't have access to a heat gun and I didn't want to spend the money to buy one until I am sure I will use it more. I folled the instructions from the projectguitar.com tutorial and everything is going well. I was a little supprised at how many applications of stripper it takes to remove the factory finnish. I think it might possibly be an epoxy based paint. Because I needed the body to stand on its side for so long, I had to devise a jig to hold it. My solution was to find a couragated cardboard box small enough to not interfe with the side I was stripping, but long enough to provide a stable cross support. Basically I cut a big notch out of the box the same width as the guitar body, and slid the body into place. This was a great solution for me, simple and disposible.

Thank you to Project Guitar for your continued support

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