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pickups - good choice for starter guitar


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i'm startin my first project so need some pickups. I want a pair of humbuckers but i can't justify spending loads on the pickups. Its not that i don't think i should its just i aint got the money to do it so i want some that will give me a nice warm tone, any ideas. I'm in the UK and found these

This set is fully shielded and includes individually adjustable pole pieces with a 10" long 4 Conductor lead wire. With heavy duty Alnico 5 magnets, these are some pro-quality pickups at a very low price.GOLD,COIL TAPPABLE,SAME COLOUR CODES AS SEYMOUR DUNCANS £42.00 CUSTOM USA PICKUPS (Pristine with protective sellophane )

and these

Vintage "Gibson®" style humbucker pickups, gold finish w/adjustable pole screws. Both bridge & neck pickups are Alnico V magnets. The bottom of each pickup is potted with a thick coat of wax. Each pickup measures 2 1/4" in length by 1 1/2" in width & 5/8" in height.

anyone have any warnings about cheaper pickups and anything to avoid?!?

cheers in advance

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