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Good practice guitar, cheap?

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I need a guitar to practice for some promotional items for a local band and a friend's site. I don't really know how I am going to do it, so I was looking at a cheap guitar. Cheap enough where I can afford it, but good enough so if it coems out well, I can give it to them. What's a better guitar?

The Saga strat kit - pick guard takes up most of the painting surface

PRS kit - don't like PRS, more expensice, but good area for the logo

Cheap $69 start copy - again, the pick guard

Baja RG-style - $110, good for painting, but who ever heard of Baja?

Something else?

The band is going to play the guitar, but it's mostly for show. My friend is going to either give the guitar away, or have a contest. He doesn't care how bad it plays, but I don't want anyone who gets the guitar to think it's crap.

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