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Glueing together

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Well, I decided today that I would like to try and build a guitar, I'm going to make a copy of my ESP, a strat design. Anyways we have wood in our barn and since I'm 15 I dont have a lot of money or ways to get to wood, so Im going to use the wood we have.

But the problem is that we dont have any pieces that are 1 and a half inches thick, but we have a piece that is nice wood, and wide enough for the guitar but its an inch thick. Would I be able to glue two pieces of it together on top of each other

How would that sound and is it a good way?

EDIT: I just realized this is really similiar to another thread on here, sorry.

But anyways..It's ok to glue two pieces together on top of each other like that isn't it?


Dean :D

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Yeah, that's OK.

Chamber it out enough and it'll be fine. I've made a few 2 1/4" bodies before. Just make sure to route out some (make that a lot) chambers to reduce the weight down to something usable for 2 hours strapped on/standing up :D

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Can I just use normal carpenters wood glue for this?

Thats what we used in shop when we built tables..

Ok, so this is what I'm gonna do..plane down this large piece of wood..cut off two pieces of it..sand them on the glueing side..then glue and clamp..

Then from there I can use a skill saw to cut out the design.

^ Is this all correct and will work?

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