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check out THIS kit !!!

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The Benedetto book is on order; this kit is supposed to come with some CD-ROMs and vids to complement the stuff in the book.

In any case, this project is going to go very slowly. I've already decided I'm going to build an entire archtop out of Home Depot wood first (maple neck & sides, pine for back & top; thinking of making it an acoustic bass) just so I can get all the screw-ups out of my system. Then on to the real thing.

The thing that frightens me most is all the bracing. I have an old Fender Shenandoah body (12 string acoustic from the 60s w/bolt-on neck) in which the bracing clearly sucked. Over time the strings just pulled so hard on the neck that the neck block rotated, lifted the soundboard, separated from the sides and eventually cracked the back. I'll be cutting that baby up so that I can see what NOT to do...

Then there's the travel guitar and double-neck projects that are <50% done....I want to finish those first.

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