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  1. I was reading on one forum of this guy who wanted to fill in a pick-up cavity that he didn't use anymore. I suggested cutting a block and glueing it in place. He responded that that sounded like a lot of work and was going to use expanding foam
  2. Got the stuff today.I was surprised that it was in good condition and as the person had advertised. I'm happy with the outcome,but I'll never buy from that person again.
  3. I think for now on that I'm going with paypal people only.
  4. Also check the bracing at the X. If the bridge is dipping on one side it could be a brace has pulled slightly throwing off the top tension.
  5. Update:the guy hasn't responded to my e-mail,but has reported to e-bay that he did recieve payment. This just gets fishier by the moment.
  6. I'm going to hold off on that for now. In the unlikely event this is on the level I don't ant to slam the guy directly yet.
  7. Usually I have good luck with e-bay. Recently we won some action figures for my son,good lot,good price. I send the money oredr of and wait,and wait and wait and wait,(well,you get the idea;)). Then I get an alert from e-bay,the seller is claiming that he hasn't recieved any money and that after numerous attempts to contact us we haven't contaced him I go over our records and find that we sent the money out within a week of this person finally sending us the receipt,and that we haven't heard hide nor hair from them since getting the receipt. I check his feedback and it's checkered,(ours i
  8. Awhile ago some spam crap started installing webdailers and sending e-mails.A little monkeying around with Ad-Aware,Nortons,Spybot and Stopzilla solved the problem. Now I keep getting these stupid security things. I've got this icon in the tray that I can't seem to get rid of that keeps telling me that my computer is infected,(Norton's corporate says otherwise),and this one keeps pasting it's ad as wallpaper.Easy to fix but annoying. I just have to wonder what these companies are thinking. Spam their way into your computer to tell you that they can protect you?Who in their right mind would
  9. Very nice.Great balance to the paint work.
  10. Your inlays will be okay for standard refretting.If you are going to paint the neck then yes covering them will save you a lot of aggravation later on.Just be carefull with the paint around the stickers.Some adhesives break down at the first sign of any moisture.Last thing you want is to get all the way through your paint job and find out that some of the stickers have shifted. If you're airbrushing one thing you can do for paint is getting tinting white and black + the 3 basic colours in pigment form plus a bonding additive. Createx makes pigments that are rock solid when applied.They're su
  11. I also wonder if it's binding at the saddle causing excess tension at the tuners. What the distance from the bottom of the string to the top of the last fret?A standard distance is 1/16" - 3 /32".At the nut you want about 1/64"-1/32" from the bottom of the string to the top of the first fret.Too much height can cause extra binding and snapping,(unusual to occur at the headstock,but it does happen). Also check the saddle slot to see if it's grabbing the string. If you notice the string going sharp so you have to retune it slightly then going flat after you retune it then it's a good chance t
  12. One of your biggest obstacles will be the neck pocket on the body. If the neck can fit that without gapping and seating properly you will have an easier time of it. Just to be safe,(unless the holes line up),dowel and redrill the neck holes. Just be careful to watch your depth,(remember ibanez_crazy's story-yikes). Once you have the neck in,(worst case scenario you will have to fit a block of wood in there and re-route),double-check your bridge and neck pick-up placement. Outside of gapping your two biggest concerns will be any pitch to the neck in the pocket and the neck centering. Not
  13. If you're planning on radiusing the board you may want to scrape the hump out first. This will make the sanding a little quicker rather than trying to sand an even radius into a humped board. After removing the frets use a cabinet scraper to level the board and then radius. Just make sure that the board isn't pulling away from the body first.
  14. After pulling the frets a lot of people like tio fill with tinted epoxy. It will work,but if you ever change your mind reversing this can be a nightmare. Try using maple veneer to fill the slots.This will fill the slots cleanly and will make reversing the process,(if you ever decide to),a lot easier and cleaner.
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