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peavey wolfgang


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hello boys and girls! Well today I went mad and bought a Peavey Wolfgang!!! The mrs dosent know yet!!! oops! But anyways I'm in the process of dismantling it so I can get all the sizes and specs to build another one of my own... ( with a few tweaks ).

I'm then planning on putting the info together in autocad format. This will hopefully include both the body with all routing and neck dimensions when I'm done. So anybody that wants me to email a copy of this when I get it finished just post a message here and in a week or two I should have it in your email for you.

Brian do you want a copy to post on the site?

Cheers all!!


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Nice Axe.

Which one? Colour? Special, Standard, Hardtail, Floyd and Drop D tuna, Carved top, flat top???????????????????

Give us pics man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Preferably in pieces. Thats not something one gets to see too often :D A naked Wolfie!!!!

Im Jealous.

Just a small side note, the necks on the Wolfies and laser eched to simulate the wear of Eddies prototype neck. I **** you not. Look at the headstock where he normally puts his cigarette............................there is a damn burn mark in the wood. At least there was on the last 3-4 I looked at. Freaky.

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Ok here is a photo for you... its not actually mine but its the same colour and make... I've finally got the digital camera but no memory card for it... my old one isnt compatible so its next on the shopping list! anyways its an EVH Quilt top wolfgang special in Amber... the only difference is for some reason mine has gold hardware not chrome as shown...

Its features are... 25 1/2 inch scale, Quilt maple top with hand-detailed faux binding, Solid basswood body, Bolt-on oil finished, hard rock maple neck

22 frets, Two humbucking pickups designed to Edward Van Halen's specifications, Master volume, 3-way pickup selector, Peavey/Floyd Rose® licensed, double locking tremolo with patented and factory installed D-Tuner™

I have to say through even the most ordinary anp this bitch rocks!!!!!! B) However I've now removed all but the wiring from the guitar so I can build up the info I'm after... One thing I did notice with this guitar is its one hell of a lot more playable than the Jems... but I cant tell you why... its the strangest thing... like your fave pair of slippers they just fit so well y'know? Anyways hope you likees and as soon as I have the info its yours..

Cheers!! :D

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