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Removing oil from wood?

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Today I did the final routes on a guitar with a quilted maple top using a big milling machine. As I was nearly done a drip of oil came out of the milling machines head and fell on the top. I tried removing it with Acetone. It worked to some extend but it is till not completely gone. Is there a good trick to get the oil out of the wood?

I especially fear that the dye will look different at the oily spot....:D

Thanks in advance,


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I remember see something on a Trade Secrets program about this. The guy mixed Talcum powdered with something, Naptha perhaps, to form a really thick goo. Then he painted it all over the stained area and let it dry solid. The stuff just brakes away like a powder once it's dry, but it seemed to work really well. I think the Talcum powder helps soak up the oil. Putting a bit of gentle pressure on it probably wouldn't hurt.

You can buy Talc from almost superstore. It's in the section where all the girly stuff is usually. Not that I er... spend... erm... much time around there... :DB)

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