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Turbo CAD questions


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Anyone use Turbo CAD here? I am using a free version of 4.1 I am trying to draw up a set of guitar plans but cannot seem to figure out how to draw straight lines by inputting the length of the line like you can in AutoCAD. Am I completely missing something here, or is this an option not availible in T-CAD? Thanks for any help in advance.

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I generally just draw in the line with any length greater than what you want and use the trim ,snap or edit line length function to get the correct length. I haven't found a polar co-ordinate way of drawing a line yet, but maybe I've not looked hard enough.


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Yes you can type in the dimensions/coordinates in Turbo CAD ... at least with the version I have (7.0 I think). I find it isn't as easy to use as AutoCAD, but it does get the job done once you figure out how to use it. They sell the product cheap with poor documentation and want to sell you an expensive training/tutorial package. It's a good deal if you can figure out how to use it.

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