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Swamp Ash

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I need some advice on finishing my Tele project guitar. I chose Swamp Ash because it has such a nice grain. I want to finish in a vintage amber color....just like the yellow in a sunburst Les Paul. Then I want to have a paint shop shoot it with several coats of laquer. So, what sort of stain or dye would you recommend. I want something that I can wipe on. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? Do I need grain filler? Sanding sealer....anything besides sanding in preparation for the stain. There is too much out on the web and I'm alittle confused. Hope someone can make it simple for me. Thank you!

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Welcome to the forum,hope you enjoy :D .

IMO-find out what kind of laquer the shop will be using first.You don't want to accidentally use something that would react. B)

Personally I've always liked doing the pore filler,just seems to bring out the wood.

Some people don't like to use filler,which is cool.

I like to condition,fill,sanding sealer,(all light coats so I don't choke the woods tone),and then do the stain or colour.

Some people like to stain the wood directly,which does look richer,but I've always done it up a layer or two in case the person decides to change the finish later.But that's just personal opinion.

Either way is cool and I've seen beautiful results both ways.

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