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what you think of this?

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My next project was going to be an acoustic bass, but when i was bored and almost sleeping in English today, i drew up something that looked like that, the bottom, is more like the Rhoads style V I am building, and the headstock isnt like that (ohh god no) and, yes, even though its from **shivers** Ed Roman, i think it could look sweet, hollow body like Drak's Cult of flame where its hard to make F holes, something like little fish gills, something really hard to see, if i go for it, it would be my "signature" guitar, lmao, yes i said it.

whats your ideas on this style of guitar?


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hahaha, my editing skills blow, but maybe i can edit it a bit, so you get the idea, might as well make the picture headless cuz i cant stand that headstock.

Yes, it is a Washburn, my upper horn sticks out farther though, for hopes of balance, and the lower right horn is pretty short compared to the lower left


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