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Woods that can be used

Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

This is to name woods that can be used, and their properties:

Cherry-quite bright; soft

Oak-mapley tone (bright) red or white. quatersawn white works for necks; hard

Lacewood-Mahogany like tone; soft

Imbuia- bright; hard

Mahogany-dark, warm; moderatly hard

Limba/korina-very light, warm mahogany like tone; soft to moderatly hard

Maple-bright, heavy; hard, Spalted maple is sporatic in hardness

Purpleheart-very heavy, midrange tone;hard and dense.

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Basswood - Pronounced like the fish, not the guitar. Lightweight, warm tone, pretty soft, dents relatively easy.

Walnut - With the exception of looks, I think it is very very similiar to Maple... it is alot darker though

Alder - Lightweight, often used by Fender, full sound.

Swamp Ash - lower-medium weight, warmth and brightness compliment each other well, good for dyed finished (IMO)

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