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Direct mount PU's

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You have two options or a combination of both. You can use springs to hold up the pup's which fit around the actual mounting screws or you can make little blocks of wood to act as spacers which can be glued into the center of the pickup cavitys.

Personally I wouldn't fill I would just add the little blocks to hold them up higher and place a piece of foam inbetween the block and pup so you can still adjust the pickup's height without having to deal with the springs.

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Well there's good news and bad news. The pick up holes are really funky looking. They don't have just the little ears on the sides like my 7620 if you know what I'm describing but look more like a big ugly hole. So i have decided to direct mount with a block inside the cavity but still put on the bezel's. I hope it looks ok. The good news is I am about 85% stripped on the body so it won't be long. I'm taking pics as I go so I will be sure to post. Brad

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