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Please HELP!!!!


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Hey i'm a 16 year old guitar player that needs massive help. i am trying to switch pickups from one guitar to another the guitar i have is a strat and the other one is a '94 custom Carvin with an original Floyd rose. I'm trying to take the pick-ups(humbuckers) from the carvina dnput them into the star but there is one other problem the carvin has active pickups... please help me


-Chris H. :D

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I'm assuming that your strat has the pickguard routed for humbuckers.. (Hey, you'd never know, man.. :D ) There isn't anything wrong with replacing passive pups with active ones.. The only problem is where to put the battery.. That's the difficulty you're facing, right??

One way is to just leave the battery inside the control cavity under the pickguard.. The other thing you can do, which I feel is better but more tricky, is to have the battery inside the Strat's tremolo cavity.. To do this, you'd need to cut the wires to the battery holder thingy, thread them through the hole from the control cavity to the tremolo (should already have a wire attached to the bridge through that hole) and then re-attach the wires to the battery holder.. If you're not comfortable re-attaching wires and stuff, then just go with leaving the battery in the control cavity..

I hope this answers your question.. I'm not 100% sure exactly what you're asking so I'm just assuming it's the battery placement that's tripping you up.. If it's not or you're not sure about anything else, please say so.. Better to clear up doubts before you actually start than have to correct them later... Have fun!!

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