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Binding works by first rabbiting (sp?) the edge of the guitar by an amount slighly less than the thickness of the binding. Stew Mac has good router bits for this. Then you glue the binding in, tape it up, and let it dry/cure overnight. If you measure correctly, there shouldn't be much scraping/sanding to do inorder for a good fit. I've just used sandpaper/sander to level the binding on the top & sides.

Test this on a scrap first to ensure a good fit. Also helpful to keep a bit of binding in some acetone. This melts the plastic into a goopy mess that is helpful for touching up any "gaps" in the binding and the guitar...which you'll have your first time.

Yes, this is more difficult on an arch top - but there are tool designed specifially for this - I'd try it on a non-arch/carved top first.

I've had the best luck by routing the ledge, soaking the binding in VERY hot water, installing it WITHOUT glue and letting it sit for 15 minutes or so..this helps mold the binding in the correct shape. Then when you glue it in, it's less of a struggle - also start with the most extreme bends/cutaways first.

Hope this helps. Remember, you're going to make the guitar look a lot worse before it looks better - freaked me out the first time. Nothing some sanding won't fix!

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