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PRS guitar question

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i have this picture booklet from prs in my local music store which was free, it had all the guitars in it and on every other page it had all these pictures of the guitars being built.

one picture shows a guitar getting ready for carving with a top which was nearly an inch high (is this normal for them) and one of the others had a picture of man chiselling the top with the lines for where to chisell on it (good news for me) but the top is around an inch high at the back to about one centermetre at the neck end making it really slanted (is this right)

i will post pics in a bit

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Yes, I have that brochure too. If you notice, there is is shot of a CNC machine cutting out a Custom 24. On their website, they brag about their CNC machines, yet still in their brochures try to elude that they are building guitars by hand. Dont like that.

PS. The pictures are good for refrence tho. Note that the chisel pic is a Sinlgecut blank out of mahogany, on mahogany

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