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Ít wasn't my fault......

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I managed to take off the fingerboard from the neck.. *thanks for that tutorial, Brian*.

The trussrod channel was OKAY!!! The problem was the trussrod... at both ends the thread diameter (not sure if that's the right word) of of the rod was too small, so no matter how tight you insert it... it'll rattle...

Damnit... I think I'll claim the damage with my supplier.

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A lot of refinisher's and also manufacturer's place a piece of tape over the truss rod channel so the glue from the fret board won't seep down in and cause problems.

In a couple of case's simular to what your describing (rattling rod) I've even seen people use the foam insulation tape like from window sills to help fill the gap, quiet the rod and protect it from the glue when the fret board is glued back on.

If there's nothing wrong with the rod other than it being skinny you might want to try that instead of waiting on another rod.

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