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Vine inlay


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Hi Folks,

I'm planning on inlaying a Jem 7V style vine on a spare neck.

I have all the tools, lot's of elbow grease and patience, so I'm almost ready to go.

Only thing I need is to know how to make the stem of the vine. On my jems it looks like a wood-like material. Any ideas?

And for the scalloped frets 21-24: Do you scallop first, then lay in, or make deep inlays and then scallop?


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Welcome to the forum Jeroenn :D

It's a lot easier to do deep cavitys and inlays then scallop on the 21-24th. When it coems to the vine itself you can use a variety of materials including veneers or even metal, it just depends on the look your going for.........

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Thanks Brian!

The look I'm looking for is akin to the 7vwh's I have. I can't really tell what material is used for the stem there, it looks like some sort of wood, but I'm not sure. Very light colored with little tiny stripes on the material.

It's also very thin. I can see on one neck, they used a much wider routerbit and a lot of filler, but on another there's almost no filler. I wonder what kind of routerbit they used, it's just a few mm.

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They all have the same amount of ungodly filler on the stems, just on the ebony some hides far better than others. I believe the stem on most of the vine inlays is mahogany, I've used mahogany for most of the stems in the vines Ive done, that and plastics, silver, stainless steel, brass, and a partridge in a pear tree (that one was harder to sand though)

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