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I have an EMG P-J set in my bass, and the treble control gives me some adjustment, but not as much as I would like. I can't recall what the capacitor is at now, but what is the general rule for amount of control? What would give me the most control without being to sensitive in your opinion?

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The cap won't change the amount of control, it'll only shift the range up or down - find out what you have, get one double that size and one half that size, and see which one you like (caps are dirt cheap). It's the cheapest custom mod I can think of - you can even make 'em switchable for different sounds. I think EMG sends a .1uF, so try a .047uF and a .22Uf to start with, rated at 25 Volts (or more). For bass, you might want to go as high as .47uF. In theory, the bigger the cap, the more high-end roll-off - have fun with it. :D You can get them from Raydeeo Shaq in metal film rated for 50 volts for about a dollar each, or much cheaper almost anywhere else.

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