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Fender HB Bridge

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Hi All,

Silly question of the day, but..... Does anybody know if the Fender Tele HB bridge can handle a Gibson HB, specifically the Classic '57. I found the PUPs I want to use, a Classic '57 in the bridge, and P90 in the neck. Now I just have to figure out how to make it work. My other option is to use a TOM and stop bar, but I have heard that the geometry of a flat top guitar makes this a challenge.

Any feedback would be appreciated. :D

Guitar Ed

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Guest AlexVDL

What's the problem with the pup? You just have to route some wood away from under the tele bridge so your humbucker fits in it? The pickup itself would fit the tele HB bridge fine. But I should fit it at the store before you buy one, just in case! You never know.

And what is the challange of the tom bridge and stopbar? It's all about the neck angle otherwise you should recess the TOM bridge just like the EVH style peavey's or Godin guitars.


You must do that otherwise you can't lower the bridge enough. But I'd say, go for the neck angle. Just use a file to take off some wood of the neck pocket so your neck will go back. This way your strings will sit higher at the bridge position.


Oh yeah... when you use the Godin/Peavey recessed method you can't use the nashville style bridge because you cannot use the rotating screw thing under the bridge, because it's sunken into the body. You should use the bridges which can be adjusted from above with a screwdriver like the modern style ones (which is not very modern anymore :D ).

Nashville style


Modern style


I hope this answers your question??

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Hi Alex,

I do appreciate the help, and the ability to bounce ideas off other people, and I do have some goofy ideas sometimes. :D Oh well.

Now I am working on some schematics to see if I can put a P90 and an HB in the same guitar.

BTW: I have a great wife. We were talking last night, and I told her about a guitar that I saw, almost bought, but could not justify. First she asked me how many guitars I have, and the answer is 5. I thought that she would freak out, cut me off, etc. Instead I am now the proud owner of a Gibson ES-133 w/P90s, and she paid for it. Gibson has discontinued them, and some dealers still have a few at a killer price, w/ either P90s or Classic '57 HBs.

Sorry, had to gloat for a second there. B)

Thanks for the help, and if/when the Walnut Guitar ever gets done, you will be the first to know. :D


Guitar Ed (aka Big Lemon Washington)

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