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my project

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k guys my new project, a replica airline, here are all the questions i have so i can stop annoying you pros with my beginner questions

K so i want to make this guitar with two humbucker (already ordered) two tones, two volumes, and one master volume, what kinda of pots would i need to use,

Number Two:

as well seeing as this is my first project should i make my own neck or not, i can get one for $100 and this is a brand new one of decent quality, or would building one cost less, as well is it difficult in terms of being accurate.

k number three:

where can you find vinyl binding, or how can i make it myself???? wheres a good place to get vintage looking knobs. and where can i find pickguard blanks as my pickguard is probably not made commercially.

Four: what is shielding?? its used to ground eveything together correct?? but what are the specifics??

well thats all for now, ill probably have more questions answered, and blessed be the person who can answer all these questions in one fowl swoop! :D

thanks guys!

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[edited for false statement] Instead of 2vol and a master, have you considered a blend pot and a master? Might give you better results.

As for the neck, you're looking at a lot of work. However, you could customize it to be exactly how you want it. And it might be cheaper in materials to build your own, but you have to decide what your time is worth.

Dunno about the binding tho.

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