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what was this body painted with?

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I have a 57' reissue and I (and my kids) have been relicing it for some time. What type of paint was it sprayed with and how can I get it to check? It was made in 99'.

The neck is a really thick "Warmouth". And I like the feel of this neck so much that I don't want to hurt it at all, however, the body has been abused from playing out and from my boys everytime they learn a new song (they get to put a mark on it, with my guidance). :D

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Hey, looks like I don't have to leave for work 'til tomorrow morning, so i can keep up with things for the time being. The original '57's were sprayed with the oldstyle nitrocellulose laquer that contained celluloid binders. The early nitro was very prone to checking after some years, that is why they switched over to laquer containing acrylic binders. I can't think of what kind of finish, material or treatment you could use that will cause checking over night.

I remember stripping a 60's vintage EKO archtop that had a real thick coat of varnish all over. Every square inch of the finish on that guitar was yellowed and checked.

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You mean a Fender '57 reissue? They have a polyester base coat with a nitro lacquer top coat. I've heard of freezing the finish, with something you get at electronic supply stores, and then heating it with a hair dryer.

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