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vintage color binding ?

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hi everyone!

i'm new to this forum ! i'm currently refinishing an old les paul copy. This is my first project! I want to give my bindings the relic/vintage look. How can i achieve this??

I had to sand them down so they went from dark cream/yellow to light cream, almost white.

does anyone know somekind of varnish/clear coat i could spray on them to get the relic/vintage look again ??

thanks everyone!

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I assume you are refinishing the entire guitar and not just the binding?

If that's the case, you can tint your lacquer, which you can mix yourself and get the right "age" to it. If you don't have spray equipment, reranch sells tinted lacquer in rattle cans.

You could also apply a washcoat of shellac, which come in varity of tints, before applying the top coat.

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