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Pickups routed, electronic cavity 99.9% done

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Yep, after dinner with the family (grandma, uncles aunts, cousins) i got home and grabbed the bunch of bits i brought home from my dad's work, these are bits that go into a cordless drill, air tool (like a die grinder) or in the case what i did, electric drill

Its pretty much acted like a big dremel, it was easy to use too, and the bits are big so it took alot away fast, but i had to mark everything up, I had routed the pickups out a bit at school with the router, i just had to do the tabs, so thats what i did with this bad boy, and with the extra ash i got laying around (its 1/4 inch thick) i am making "rings" to go around the pickups and they will be black

I tested out some of the paint I have on a peice of scrap ash, if i keep it to thin coats, I will be able to see the grain, so it will be like a transparent finish, which is what I am going for, then i am going to get some polyurethane clear coat and go over it 3 times :D

The neck has to be fretted still and the tuning holes drilled, then thats it, I am going to paint the back of the neck as well and stain the fretboard B)

Sorry for the long post, I would still be workin right now but its getting late and I wanted to do a bit of homework, tommorow after i get the first coat of paint on the body I am going 4 wheeling with my bro and dad for about 2 hours, when i come back and after shower and wash my quad going to give it another coat, and then monday night give it last coat and let it hang dry for 24 hours or more


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