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PRS copy and parts

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For the ideal PRS copy, you would need a tailpiece bridge combo, like the LP Junior ones seen here. This is probably the closest you will find to the actual PRS bridge without ordering from them (you may be able to actually order a PRS bridge from the PRS factory, though I'm sure it will be quite a bit more expensive than this one)

This bridge is also nearly a direct copy of the PRS style bridge. Stewmac says its similar to the PRS bridge, but In My Opinion, i think the other is closer.

If you were going for a tremolo, these strat style trems are the closest you'll find. You could use these Wilkinson bridges, although they look less like the real thing, they're a nicer bridge.

Hope that helps!

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Yeah...$200! If it were me I'd use the Badass or for a trem, the hipshot. MUSH less expencive. Depends on how authentic you want to be.

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