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I need help with custom logo


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Hi everyone, I'm new here but am glad I found this forum. I'm having a terrible time getting my graphics and logo decal to look right on paint. I paint the guitar..get it all set and apply the water slide decal but you can see a halo edge all around the decal when its clear coated. I've tried a bunch of different things to hide this edge... I am using just standard water slide decal paper. I dont know if there are different types of this stuff or what. The guitar is white and I am using white water slide paper. Would clear help me? Any advice will be very appriciated as I have been working on this thing for months. :D

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Are there any tips or tricks that I can use to get a my decals to look factory smooth. (Like the Ibanez decals) I have found the edges want to roll up on me when I apply lacquer. Anything I can do to avoid dry looking patches under the decal when it dries? I spray the same lacquer on the decal to seal the ink in, that I use to coat the guitar.

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