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Yes I've tried it both as a peal and stick where it sticks up above the fingerboard about the thickness of 5 sheets of 20lb. bond paper and also as a material for doing actual inlays.

Works both way's and looks really nice as far as the actual top surface goes since it is made out of actual shell material.

I'm not sure how long it will last for you against wear if your just going to peal n stick. For me I couldn't tell because soon after I applied it, somebody bought the guitar it was on.

One thing I do know unless you plan carefully with your routing or plan to top it off with epoxy it's so thin that it is easy to sand through.

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I have tried it, and it sucks!

Don't get me wrong....

It looks really nice, but it feels like crap.

The idea is that you are just supposed to stick it directly on your fingerboard, and that works just fine.

But it doesn't feel very good when you're trying to do a little bend right over where one of the "inlays" happen to be.

It's like having a really thin pick glued to your fingerboard!

You feel the edges constantly.

Now, if you actually make it into a REAL inlay, then it's a different story.

But that's not how they're selling it....


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