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What material for pyramid- inlay ?

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i try to make my own pyramide- inlay in a RG- neck.

The cavities are routed and the acrylic plastics are ready for mounting.

But... what material is needed for the background of the acrylics?

I thought to print it on fotopaper, to cut it and put it in the gravities.

I heard, that the photopaper will bleach out.

Is it a option, to print the pyramids with a colour- laserprinter or what

solution is the best ( and simpliest )? i think, the colour has to be stable

for 75 years.

Thanks, bytebold

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I used a vinal adhesive sticker material made for bumper stickers and sign's for cars. While I have my doubt's the flourescents would last that long if exposed to daylight the material itself is suppose to be an 8 year grade. Which means it should take the punishment of 8 years of weather.

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