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SG body thickness?

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I'm just looking for the right number. I'm down to 1 3/4" thick so far w/ out cutting any edge contours yet. But I still have to do some more sanding to get rid of the little dents, (oops). I know the Gibson SG is one of the thinner guitars out there. Anyone out there got an SG they can measure with calipers? Much appreciated!

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Thankyou sir and/or madam! B) That dimension is darn close to that of my 67 Hagstrom III so at least I have something to copy from when cutting my contour depths. The edge is about 7/8" to 1" thick heading into 1 1/2" at the center of the body. So that means 1/4" off each side. Its nice to have some sanding leeway. I just put another small dent in the mahogany right after I sanded the previous dents flush! Guitar fell over when I was working on an edge. :D So it goes.

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