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Need Help!!!

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I'm looking at a guitar from a friend, who knows nothing about guitars, so excuse the crude discription. On the headstock on the very top is says "Epiphone", in the middle it says "special model", and on the truss rod cover it says "gibson". The body has two knobs and a 3-way selector switch. There are two pickups which are black with silver dots-I'm guessing poles. The color is a sunburst. The body is a les paul style.

Any guess on what this is? Any help is greatly appericated.

Thanks :D

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It's an Epi (Les Paul) Special or Special II (the difference is the Special II has coil taps)

Depending on what color he got (I'm not making that up) It's either an Alder/Nato blend of plywood or Mahogany (the red ones are Mahog according to Gibson). Since you say it's a sunburst it's the Alrder/Nato.

These are fun little guitars, I *LOVE* the necks on them, they stay in tune well, they're just a wee bit bright for my tastes. I bought mine on impulse for $165 at Guitar Center and that's still about what you an expect to pay for one. Given the cost they're pretty solid guitars and probably gig-worthy (but I don't gig, so what do I know?)

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