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Parts, tools, and supplys.

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I would like to know if there are any sites like StewMac and Warmoth that offer parts and supplys.

I would also like to know if buying from a lumber store is cheeper than other places. Can you get more exotic woods than poplar and pine from them? I've heard of alot of you getting your wood from cabinate shops. Is that a good resource, or just something out of knowing somone that works there? Thank you for tolerating my dumbass questions :D .

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well where i live (san Jose) there are a number of good wood stores. generally though the stores are cheaper plus if they mill their wood (like where i got mine) then they could do cutting, planning, jointing and even bandsawing for cheap. in my findings. online is cheaper, but with the added costs for shipping it turns out to cost about the same and you dont have to wait for it to ship AND if you buy from a store you get to see the wood your getting and get to inspect it and find a piece that you like the most unlike online shops which you get whatever they send you ( you can of course send it back for wood without deformities, if you get one, but this will take even more time) so i would recomend to find a good hardwood supplier in your area (home depot doesnt count) and buy from them.

if there are no good stores in your are call some cabinet makers and aks where they get their wood from and they might even be able to sell you a piece of wood (probably some figured wood for tops even)

as for other supplies check out the supply section on the pg main site

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