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How to rout a floyd...

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Can someone please post how you would go about routing a body for a floyd, that uses a standard trem mount. I need trem post measurements and such. For example, if I bought a fender body that had a standard trem mount, where would I drill for the posts? Or, if the body was not routed for a tremolo at all, what are the measurements for the placement of the rout and the posts? Thanks

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on a 25.5" scale guitar the holes for the posts are positioned 25" from the nut. so you could start by drawing a straight line at this distance from the nut. to get the floyd in the correct position along this line you attach 2 strings, one at the low E and the other at the high E. then you just move the trem along the line until you feel that the distance from the strings to the sides of the fingerboard is where you want it. mark the position of the pivot points on the previously drawn line. now you have the positions of the posts for the floyd. repeat the process a couple of times to make sure you're in the right spot.

once you've drilled the holes for the posts, fit the floyd and see if you need to make a small recess.

if the body wasn't routed for a trem, I'd still make the holes first (only difference is that you can't have the spring block on the floyd when measuring for the holes). I'd then continue to rout the hole for the spring block. there are templates for this. I'd recommend buying Hiscocks book "Make your own electric guitar" since it has full scale drawings of many useful routs along with some good tips on guitar-making.

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