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Hi everyone


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First post and I just thought I should introduce myself.

Ive been lurking around here for a while, trying to take it all in...................so much info!

Im about to buy a second hand rg570...........see it tomorrow for the first time. Its apparently in very good condition and cheap too. From what Im told it has the square neck joint, edge trem, V7, V8, and what ever the single coil that matches is. Does that sound right?

I want to undertake the 'jem' transformation with a Material top and clear pick guard. Ive found a fabric thats is pretty close to the Floral pink/black jem top, but just wanted to know if this is a decent model to start with?

Ive read about the monkey grip, neck joint, lion claw and jack socket mods................what else do I need to do to get my 'personalised jem' happening?

Thanks in advance. :D

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Excellent base for your Jem transformation since the 570 is rear routed as far as the electronic cavity goes!

The square neck joint is an original neck joint to most around here as opposed to an AANJ (all access neck joint).

The only other things I can think of are time and patience, sounds like your well on your way.

Just so you know to the best of my memory there are only 6 homemade Jems with material tops in the world so your's should be "Lucky #7".

Oh and welcome to the forum :D feel free to ask anything and remember even the simple questions may have solutions that you haven't thought of........

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Thanks Brian.

You know how when you are growing up, your parents are the most un-cool thing in your life? Everything from the way they dress to their taste in music?.................................I was over at my parents place a week or two ago helping them clean out my old bedroom and what should I find?

An old cotton quilt cover that they used to have on their bed 15 years ago. half of it has been cut up and used for cleaning cloths but the other half is still intact..............................its black with a large pink floral pattern.

I knew Id seen it somewhere before. :D

My parents were cool even before Steve Vai!!!!!!!!! I just didnt know it.

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Hey BeAR Welcome! I too am doing an RG570 project but, as the name says, to a psudo JPM. I filled the center cavity so it is now just a two humbucker guitar. Check what the pickup cavities look like, because mine looked ugly as h@## (IMHO) without the bezels. Good luck, this is a great place to get ALL the info you need. Brad :D

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In gallery one, page 1 there is a guitar titled 'Chrome Jem' ; its the purple/green one. Is that the type of pickup routing that your talking about?

I can see that the original routing is alot bigger than the real jem style. But that doesnt look too bad. I didnt notice it until I read your post and went looking for some pics. Is yours bigger than that?

I can hardly wait until the morning to get my first look at it. I feel like a little kid again waiting for Christmas morning.

My wife's not gonna be impressed tho. Maybe its time to go and tell her Im getting 'another' guitar (better stop off and pick up some flowers on the way). :D hehe.

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