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MIDI Floorboard


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john hollis's site would do you good to get you in the right direction.

you can do it but by the time you finish .. [sweet GOD don't attempt this on perf lol] you will be better off ordering a board for it, or getting one from a dealer or off ebay.

but if you are decently versed in electronics and have some time to kill then feel free.


MIDI Program Changer

This circuit sends MIDI program changes. It's useful as a guitar pedalboard remote.


MIDI Clock

This circuit generates MIDI clocks and start/stop messages.


and just type the chip names from the articles in google.com it will turn up most of the pinouts.. and places to buy them.

ti.com has some stuff

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also on a side note what al functions do you wish to change just the patches or do you want real time control over the volume or pitch like the old art x-15 pedal board.

thats the one i used with my rig back in the day.

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Which one of those could be used to control a whammy pedal via it's midi input from a guitar (through a midi cable)? How would this be done? I know I've asked this before but never noticed this link.

You could use the 8-Way Analogue to MIDI board. You could control it using a pot at one of the analog inputs, or one of the methods on the "Interface Circuits" link on this page:


You could connect pots to some of the other 7 inputs to control other MIDI parameters. You would have to decide on how you want to mount it to the guitar concerning the LCD display, the buttons to program what channel and continuous-controller number you want to use, and the MIDI out jack.

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