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neck & bridge single coil pickup configuration


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I just ordered 2 riogrande vintage tallboys and a muy grande for my first guitar strat project. the idea is an SRV sound.

anyway I want all the standard 5 way switch fender setup. i know how to wire that up thats no probs. I also want to be able to have a sixth setting were by pushing or pulling a switch or pot or something I can get the neck and bridge pickups activated together. Is this possible and if so how can it be done?

I know there was a similar post but that was to do with humbuckers and single coils are slightly different.

Thanks it would be a great help.

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Hey dude here ya go,

Just wire one of the pickups(neck or bridge) to a switch that in one position will send it straight to the output jack and in the other to the pickup selector. Basically if you wire the neck pu to that switch you can turn it on no matter what position the pu selector is in. So when the pu selector is in the bridge position then you can flip that switch and turn the neck pu on and you'll have the combo you want. You could also use a dpdt switch and wire both bridge and neck pu's to it so they both come on when you flip the switch. If you wanted to get real serious you could use a tpdt switch and it would turn both bridge and neck pu on and turn off the middle pu so you could get that combo no matter what position your pu selector was in. If you want some more detailed stuff just email me at:


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If you're using a standard 5-way Strat switch, you can use a DPDT switch to bypass the 5-way and give you the bridge/neck combo regardless of the 5-way setting. Simply wire the switch so one way sends the hot leads of both pickups to the selector switch and the other position sends both directly to the volume pot. Then if you want all three pickups, just set the 5-way to any position that includes the middle pickup (2,3 or 4), and pull the switch.


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