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White flame/quilt effect?

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Hey guys. Im considering what sort of finish i would like for my telecaster. I remember seeing a guitar a long time ago, that had a Quilted maple top , but it was dyed White, It looked really nice. i think it was of the PRS stable of guitars.

Thing is when i try looking for a picture of this sort of effect i cant find anything!

Is there a place where i can get a Quilted maple veneer in white? Or if not, is there an easy way of dying a maple top with white? Apparantly it could be quite hard due to the fact that white is white and isent exactly transparant.

I hope you guys can help me. or at least see what im trying to explain!


((NB sorry, meant to have posted this in the finishing forum, if anyone would like to move it i would be grateful:) ))

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