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Any ErnieBall/Music Man fans out there?


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Im just about finished another project that Ill post some pics of in the next few days.

Music Man have recently released a line of Officially Lisenced Products, named naturally OLP. They do a great copy of the Axis which was of course Eddie Van Halens previously endorsed guitar. Only problem with it is it doesnt come with a Floyd trem. It has a piece of crap Fender style unit that doesnt work or even look good.

Well Ive always wanted a EVH Music man but couldnt quite justify the $4000 Australian price tag. So out come the powertools and the tape measure.

$300 for the axe with 'fake' maple top.

$80 for the Floyd Rose Locking trem off Ebay,

and one bucket of patience.

You really have to look twice to see that this isnt the real deal.

and the crazy thing is it plays better than my Ibanez SC420 hardtail.

If anyone is interested Ill post some pics.

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Well im a Ibanez man but due to John Petrucci leaving Ibanez and going to EBMM i had to try his model out....i now am a Ibanez/EBMM man now lol i was very impressed with the way the neck felt is was very comfortable to play......of course that the next thing on my wish list lol. I never got to play EVH's model i know the Axis is pretty much the same thing as what his was. But to answer the question...yeah im a EBMM fan!!!!!!!

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I played that exact model at Guitar Center in Minneapolis, price tag of $199USD, and it played as nice as the actual Axis, actually, I liked it better. The neck is different, the OLP is a bit more tele shaped, but man, bang for the buck, you can't go wrong.

I think Brian misunderstood as this being your custom project (the entire guitar I mean) instead of the trem mod, but, nice job on the swap, did it involve any routing? hehehe, thing is, you can't build a custom guitar for that kind of money, I'd like to know how they can build and sell them that cheap!!!!!!!

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