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PRS Headstock

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I worked out a blown up image of a prs headstock to 1:1 scale.

I printed it and all seems ok. When I cut it and move it around in the photo I used to compare distances on the body (eg. the tip of the headstock till its end is almost the same distance as the start of the one humbucker till the end of the other or from the bridge till the end of the body) and then check them on the template of the body I made its all ok...all seems to be a perfect fit.

The point of me saying this is that it seems to me that it is a bit small. I dont know it just seems too small to be correct (altho all measures out well...I left the first fret on the printout to measure it and is excactly perfect.) You out there that have a PRS is it smaller than normal or it is just my imagination?

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They dont look small in picutres, but i think they do look small in real life.

why would you want to copy the shape or headstock of another brand of guitar?? Why not design your own unique one??

I was thinking to design one. The headstock seems to be the ground to add your own touch to the instrument. I just wanted to make a template of what the original is so I pretty much had in mind what to do...Altho it might wont have any resemblance to the original it would be a nice dimention guide. Do not overdo it lets say.

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