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I got my RG570.......whooo hoooooo


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Picked up a second hand rg570 today. Stripped the hardware out and took it back to timber. It took 2 hours with a heat gun and a little sanding.

Ive noticed a few things though. The guitars finish seems fully original. Metalic purple body and head stock. Yet when I removed the neck, the body is stamped NRG570 but the neck is labled RG550R. Bothe also have a large Red 'G' stamped near the part numbers. The decal on the back of the headstock also says RG570. Weird huh?

The headstock serial is 'F220322' Anyone have any clues?

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I also found a solution to RG5702JPM's problem of the pickup routing.

He said that the routing is 'ugly' on the 570.....nothing like the small ears on the Jems with the clear pickguard.

What I did was apply heat to the face of my rg with the heat gun and lo and behold, the veneered face peeled right off. Its only like 1/16 of an inch thick. Using the technique in the tech section for putting on a figured top, Im going to replace what came off with a plain top before applying the material finish. This enables me to cut the pickup routing holes to whatever shape I want. Goodbye big ugly holes, hello Jem pickup routs.

To be honest though, this was an afterthought.........................I applied heat too long and the veneered top began to lift. :D

After banging my head against the wall for 5 minutes, I realised that this was a good thing as the newer shape pickup holes would look alot better under a clear guard.

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