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Filling A Cavity

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OK I have a Ibanez RG 550 that I got complete for a $100 bucks.The paint is all gone but it is a complete guitar.It has a h-s-h pickup configuration,1 volume,1 tone and a 5-way switch.Now what i want to do is do away with the 5-way,tone, and single coil pickup and put 1 push/pull pot and a 3-way toggle kinda like on the Les Pauls.It will be a solid color of a deep blue finish.but what I need to know is exactly how and what to use to fill in these cavaties or give me link to a site that gives a good description of how to do this.And yes ive seen the post on the EVH 5150 guitar but not much of a description on how to do this.I am familiar with fillers and such some what,I build custom plastic models but this is wood I love this guitar I just want it to look good since I have a box full of goodies here....Original Floyd Rose,Duncan jb-4 and Pearly Gates Pickups.PLease help.

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