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I am working on a solid body electric - quilted maple top on mahogany base. I edge-glued two pieces of 1 1/4" mahogany to form the base and did the same with the bookmatched 13/16" maple top. After several weeks (I get distracted), I then glued the maple top to the base using the same process I've used numerous times before - clamps and cauls. The top adhered well to the base, but the clamping tension caused a crack on the back side of the mahogany base along the glue line - guess my original glue job there was inadequate. The crack is narrow - less than 1/32" at the max and it extends about half way up the body getting thinner all the time.

I need advise on repair options. Can I inject some epoxy or some other adhesive such as gap-filling CA using a syringe and then clamp it? I can fill the crack for cosmetic purposes, but I am worried about structural soundness. :D

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