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Abalone Purfling

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Hm. If I wanna add a border to the guitar, an abalone border, how do I do that?

From that I've read in StewMac it seems you have to add layer to layer with abalone, that seems like a waste. :D


I'm thinking about adding a abalone border to seperate the woody look of the top to the glossy look of the sides/bottom.

Not sure if I wanna put black laminates on the borders tween the different finishes and the abalone inlay, and carving a cavity around the entire body seems to be too much of work too. I really have no idea.

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that filler strip is only there so you can glue your purflings and clamp them, the abalone goes all in between the purflings, when your abalone is glued in, it's very small segments, you wouldn't be able to easily glue it in and clamp the purflings all at once, so what you do, is glue the purfling with that teflon filler strip as a spacer, once the glue is dry, you pull out that filler and put your abalone into the open space.

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no you wouldn't, only route as deep as you need to. Most abalone purfling strips are .040" to .050" thick, that filler strip doesn't need to be routed so it's flush, just route your binding and purfling channel as deep as the abalone purfling, no deeper. that filler strip shouldn't be put in flush with the top anyway, or you'll have a hard time getting something to grab it to pull it out again. If your binding strips are taller than that, no problem, just put them in the depth of the abalone and scrape and sand them flush with the body. You want to leave everything a little tall anyway so that you have room to scrape it down.

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