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1 Humbucker 1 single-coil 1 volume 1 tone, 3way


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In the wiring reference (http://www.projectguitar.com/ref/wire.htm) page, there isn't a listing for 1 Humbucker 1 single-coil 1 volume 1 tone, 3way lever switch setup. Anyone got a disagram, or directions on which other diagram on the page to follow?

The thing that confuses me is the 3 way lever switch, as it looks almsot identical to a 5-way, but i know it's different somehow :S

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SoI should just basically treat the humbucker as a single coil? I though maybe grounding the green and bare wires, soldering together the red and white, and soldering the black onto where the bridge pickup would be...

It depends - yes, you can wire it in just like a single, but the color codes vary depending on manufacturer. If it's a DiMarzio, wire green to ground, solder black to white and tape them off, and run red to the switch. Other manufacturers' color codes can be found here:

Pickup Color Codes

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Yes, and I know it's confusing, but the SD 2 singles diagram you posted and the GuitarElectronics diagram I linked to use slightly different methods to do the same thing - either will work fine, but you may prefer one to the other depending on how much room you've got and your layout. Just trace the wire going to the volume pot on each diagram, and you'll probably be able to figure it out ( although it doesn't matter - it'll work whether you understand it or not. I rely on that when working with computers :D ). Happy soldering!

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